“Why do children need to go to the chiropractor, you might ask?  They are so young.  They don’t need to be adjusted, do they?”

The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”

Remember that children have a spine, just like you and I do as adults.  Kids go through their daily activities of playing, running, riding their bikes, playing sports, falling down and roughhousing with their friends.  Their spines and the bones that make up their joints can moave out of alignment, just like adults; sometimes even more so, since they are so active and often “throw caution to the wind” in terms of personal safety.

Just as you believe in getting regular tune-ups from your dentist, medical doctor and your optometrist, make sure your children benefit from that type of thinking as well.  Most of the aches and pains that we go through as children (and as adults) can be greatly helped by getting adjustments from a doctor of chiropractic.

The youngest patients could see the biggest benefit from chiropractic care.  Think of an infant who, during birth, has their head, shoulders or neck pushed against the mom’s pelvic bones.  Or perhaps the child had a difficult birth and was stuck in the birth canal at an odd angle.  There is spinal stress associated with those scenarios and the baby can be born with their spine out of alignment as a consequence.

Babies respond quickly to adjustments.  Often common infant/toddler conditions like ear infections, colic and irritability can be improved with adjustments to their spine.  Start them off right while they are young and they will keep those good habits into adulthood.  Call us to set up an appointment for your precious children – 732-746-3235.

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