A recent article was written in the To Your Health magazine entitled “Inside Cheerleading:  The Most Dangerous Sport for Women.”  With cheerleading calling for ever-higher degress of athleticism, chiropractors are able to provide a unique understanding of the rigorous training and physical toll the sport has on the body, unlike any other type of health care provider.

“Doctors of chiropractic are the only healthcare professionals who specialize in the process of correcting spinal misalignments with adjustments,” said Dr. Steve Goinan, a chiropractor at Integrity Chiropractic in Georgia.  “These adjustments re-energize the nervous sytem, reduce biomechanical stress, optimize the athlete’s agility without the athlete having to overcome the side effects of drugs or irreversible surgeries.”

Dr. Gonianan, who has written about the benefits of chiropractic are for cheerleading, notes that chiropractic works with the nervous system, which controls and coordinates the functions of all other bodily systems.  When injury occurs to the spine — one of the key structures that surrounds and protects the nervous system – it can impede the nervous system’s ability to govern the body and maintain a balance necessary for health, he said.  Some of the most common injuries for cheerleading these days include overuse of the shoulders, wrists and elbows, neck injuries, head traumas, fratured wrists and dislocations.  The tend to happen from falls onto hard gym floors and tracks.

A recommendation is that all cheerleaders have their spines checked and their muscle strength tested at least once a week during the season to detect and prevent all types of lingering injuries.  For more information including the 10 tips for cheerleader safety, contact our office at 732-746-3235.  We can also come out and speak to your cheerleading squad and parents.


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