Sports Training

When developing a training program, the foundation has to be neurologically based.  The neurological system controls all other systems.  Why has “core training” become a cornerstone in any athletic development program?  It is because when you fire the neurons related to the core muscles in and around the lumbar spine and pelvis, you are recruiting some of the largest and most numerous nerve receptors anywhere in the body.  My training program focuses on training the nervous system which fires the musculoskeletal system into action and leads to all other athletic skills.

We have also incorporated teaching modules on the relationship between the mind, the brain and the rest of the neurological system and that effect on athletic achievement.
Hope that you find this interesting.  I also am excited about working with our young people because this method of training helps minimize stresses and strains on the body, therefore, less injuries.  I am available to speak to coaches, players and parents about natural approaches to improve athletic performance, focusing on the brain and the neurological system.  Training the brain is the first stage of the physical training process.  Call 732-746-3235 to schedule.